SUPERCREW: Their Journey Begins

In a world gone mad, where children intimidate other children into submission, where bullies take over playgrounds at recess and residential streets after school, how are parents supposed to protect their children? How are children supposed to protect themselves?

Radio Baxter, an L.A. D.J. with KJDT, has promised to mentor and watch out for three boys from local families. He wants to give them the guidance, be a role model, and protect them in ways that he never was while growing up in foster homes. It wasn’t easy, but he made it. His crew — Man-E, B-Brain, and Whoosh — are doing well. They excel in school, at sports, and B-Brain’s got a talent for music that Radio envies. Yeah, all is going well until he takes them on a camping trip. First there’s an Earthquake, then they’re all exposed to Alien tech, now — well, now they’ve all got superpowers. How do you protect and give guidance to three boys with special abilities?

To make it worse there’s a crazy man, Horace Morgan, calling himself The Ace of Horror, who was also exposed to the Alien tech. He knows that Radio and his crew, The SuperCrew, are the only ones that can stop his diabolical plan and he’ll do everything in his power to destroy them.

Character bios:


30s, hip, cool, fresh, and, most importantly, caring. Radio was raised in foster homes from an early age. He didn’t have anyone to watch out for him, so he promised himself that when he could he would watch out for under¬privileged kids and help them find their way.


A 14 year-old Hispanic boy. His Dad’s in jail. His brother, Paco is following in their Dad’s footsteps. His Mom signed him up for Radio’s mentor program and the change she’s seen in Man-E warms her heart. He’s a good kid and now he has someone to channel his energy in a good direction. Man-E can bench press twice his weight so if you can’t find him, check the gym.


Is a 13 year-old African-American boy, smaller than most kids his age. He’s smart. He’s musical. “Math and music, man!” is his tag line. His Granny raised him when his folks left. His brother took the army over jail when caught in a bad drug deal. Hanging with Radio and his crew allows B-Brain to be himself, to be smart and to play his sax.


A 13 year-old Chinese boy straight out of Hong Kong. Whoosh’s Mom escaped Whoosh’s Dad in the middle of the night. Oh, the beatings she would get. She promised Wang Ho that he would be safe. His Mom doesn’t speak English very well, but she works hard and lets him do stuff with Radio and his crew. There’s nobody faster on his feet than Whoosh — especially when the neighborhood toughs are looking for trouble.


40s, is an evil looking White man. Horace worked all his life. He watched other folks get ahead because of social welfare programs and handouts. He wants his share. He wants what he’s owed, and when that Alien Artifact gives him special powers, well, Horace isn’t one to look a gift horse in the mouth: first L.A., then the World.