KJDT was born from the need of two creative entities and the ability of each to help the other. Dario & Tommy needed an English Editor to assist with the Italian translation of their property, ELISEO & THE LEGENDS OF THE FIEMME VALLEY. John needed illustrations for the SUPERCREW. As the months past their working relationship grew stronger, other projects were brought into the arrangement, more illustrations were drawn, more stories shared. They became a super-crew of their own. KJDT, Radio's radio station call letters, an acronym of John, Dario and Tommy's initials became the call letters for their new company. A company that reaches across the Atlantic and hopes to reach children around the world to deliver the anti-bullying message in the SUPERCREW.


Inchy da Vinci

Illustrated Children Book

Karate Chop Moms


Grampa's Jeep


Merlin's Daughters


The Emerson's

Illustrated Children Book

Donnie & dr. Hotchkiss

Monster in my pocket (Book)

Welcome to Ark Island

Illustrated Book


Ongoing project